With over 100 commercials made, awards on the shelf and some in the wardrobe, over 10 years in the business making commercials, music videos and film, living and working at production companies from Reykjavík to San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Clients demand me and colleagues adore me. Some say I’m awesome, some even say I’m the best… I’ll leave that up to others to judge.
My name is Ted Karlsson and I’m a Director, Editor and Colorist from Sweden.

I’ll keep the background info short, so it won’t sound like a cheesy personal ad… In 1995 I was 11 and saw Return of the Jedi for the 50th time and wondered how they made the film and the lightsabers. So, determined to figure out how to make film and most importantly a lightsaber fight I studied film where I finally with my friend and ally Simon Riis, made our lightsaber duel and in 2002 I started my company Chilibow Ltd. Film Production as a freelancing filmmaker.

Now, over a decade later I’m directing my own short films and working on a feature SciFi/adventure film. I edit commercials, music videos and basically anything else in Final Cut, AVID and Premiere. And finally I color grade in DaVinci Resolve which I love, either in my own Malmö based grading suite in Sweden or on location with my custom made DIT / grading station. Always staying top of the line, designing new workflows, perfecting and with one simple slogan to work by and promised to my clients: Nothing but High End is acceptable!

Other than that, I collect wine, am a huge New York Rangers fan, ride a skateboard and have a Greenland Husky named Brian. Yes, after Family Guy. I love to sing, even though I sure as hell can’t. I can for some reason Riverdance fairly good as a party trick, after a few Guinness. I have the most awesome friends I could dream of and have had the pleasure of working with the most finest and talented people in the business. Oh and I smile a lot!