ERA – Pulse Armor Test Shooting

Taking the final prototype of the ERA “Pulse Armor” to the testing, we went out to a quarry with our test actor Martin Plantin and did some test scenes to stress the armor, to simulate how it would work on set later on, stressing it it’s max and then later also doing the same in the green screen studio, to test how the black armor would reflect the green color, affecting the chroma keying in post production later on. Director of Photography, Andreas Troedsson used a RED Epic, shooting in 5K at 2.40:1 aspect ratio. Ted directed Martin and Andreas as Simon took notes on what would need to be adjusted and updated on the second version of the armor that will go into production for the actors to wear.

The featuring music is by Shallow Sense “Changes” (

Date: 2012 02 12 Client: ERA Skills: Documentaries Website: